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Accounting support

Competent accounting is the basis of successful work of any company.

Control of financial transactions, document flow, preparation and transfer of reports take a long time and require concentration of efforts of managers, when the responsibility for their management lies with the staff specialists.

Accounting outsourcing — this is an opportunity to improve business performance, significantly save the expense of refusal from maintenance staff of the accounting Department to focus on commercial income-generating activities.

Highly qualified specialists DSL-Service have extensive experience, you can safely entrust them with the conduct of their accounting. Accounting outsourcing from our company will provide you with information security, peace of mind, cost and time savings, complete absence of problems in reporting, stable and systematic business development.

In DSL-Service you will receive an accountant who will:

  • maintain accounting and tax registers to calculate taxes;
  • timely making them to the budget;
  • systematize settlement operations;
  • prepare and file reports to the necessary organs;
  • to form primary documentation based on your data.

The lists of services depends entirely on the form of ownership, type of activity, system of taxation and other features of the client’s enterprise.

Accounting outsourcing can be complex (constantly and every day), partial(maintenance of separate sites) or one-time (help in a specific situation) for certain types of services:

  • consultation on tax and accounting;
  • tax planning, tax optimization;
  • restoration of accounting;
  • personnel records management;
  • express audit of accounting, financial indicators;
  • forms of accounting and tax reporting;
  • accounting for individual projects or accounts.

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Preparation of financial statements

Any legal entity and individual entrepreneur is required to maintain and submit financial statements within the statutory deadlines. Many companies and entrepreneurs who have recently come into business do not know that it is necessary to keep records and submit financial st...

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Preparation of tax report

Heads of companies of any legal form and all business owners consider the absence of claims from the fiscal authorities to be a prerequisite for the successful functioning of the enterprise. The key to this can only be the timely submission of tax reports, since this aspect...

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Restoration of accounting

If accounting in your company previous accountants were with errors or did not lead at all, you will need to restore accounting. Today, the restoration of accounting for the past reporting periods is the most popular accounting service. Our specialists have extensive experie...

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Participation in tax inspection

Nowadays the issues of challenging non-normative acts of the tax authorities, assisting in the audit at all its stages, reasonable assessment of tax risks and those additional charges that the company will see in the act as a result of the audit become particularly relevant....

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Selection of accountants, testing and examination of accounting department

Any firm during the existence faces process of expansion of production, leaving of the employee on leave, including maternity, dismissals of old employees. In this case, you need to quickly find a new employee for the Finance Department: cashier, accountant or chief accounta...

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Assistance in changing the Chief accountant

Со сменой главного бухгалтера на фирме или предприятии необходимо правильно оформить большое количество документов. Сотрудники нашей компании помогут осуществить прием документации у работника, который увольняется, вести дела во время поиска нового бухгалтера. В это время оф...

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