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Participation in tax inspection

Nowadays the issues of challenging non-normative acts of the tax authorities, assisting in the audit at all its stages, reasonable assessment of tax risks and those additional charges that the company will see in the act as a result of the audit become particularly relevant.

To achieve partial or complete cancellation of the inspection decision with our help is real (subject to full support of the inspection procedure from the moment of its beginning)!

Many problems can be prevented at the verification stage by pointing out the violations to the auditors. Timely and effective challenging the actions of inspectors will significantly reduce possible fines and other financial losses of the enterprise.

Specialists of DSL-Service will give professional advice:

  • in the process of requesting documents;
  • during interrogations of employees and witnesses;
  • in the implementation of counter-checks;
  • at the stage of examination;
  • during inspections;
  • when considering controversial issues;
  • in other cases.

We are ready to provide all necessary assistance in carrying out control measures, the results of which will be taken predictable procedural documents.

We promptly provide consulting support during interrogations, inspections, seizure of documents, preparation of responses to the requirements (messages, notifications) of the tax authority.

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