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Dispute resolution, courts, arbitration

DSL-Service lawyers have considerable experience in representing clients in arbitration, Federal and arbitration courts, including in foreign jurisdictions (LCIA, HKCIA). To participate effectively in complex disputes, a team of legal experts in narrow areas of law and arbitrazh is formed. In our company also are experts in the field of mediation and arbitration of the Russian justice.

The increasing complexity of the processes and the increase of firms and people involved in them force companies to resort to qualified assistance, moreover, professional lawyers will be able to convey their thoughts to the judge, without forcing to interpret and clarify the circumstances of the case.

Lawyers of dispute resolution practice have considerable experience with complex projects that require high qualification and deep knowledge of foreign languages.Our team specializes in resolving a wide range of disputes, including commercial, corporate, real estate disputes, as well as business reputation cases.

We are ready to provide the following services:

Dispute resolution:
  • development of legal position and strategy, analysis of the chances of success, risks and prospects of disputes;
  • consulting at the pre-trial stage, including the preparation of pre-trial letters and claims, participation in negotiations, preparation of statements on the adoption of interim measures;
  • collection of evidence, including by sending law requests to the state bodies and organizations;
  • representation of interests in arbitration courts and courts of General jurisdiction throughout the territory of Russia;
  • representation in administrative proceedings;
  • representation of interests at the stage of execution of court decisions.
International commercial arbitration:
  • advice on international commercial arbitration (choice of arbitration institution and applicable law, structuring arbitration clauses);
  • consulting the pre-trial stage in relation to the risks and prospects of arbitration, preparation of legal positions;
  • representation in the cases in support of arbitral proceedings (obtaining interim measures in support of arbitral proceedings);
  • representation of clients ‘ interests in arbitral proceedings;
  • the support of large international arbitrations, coordination of team work, including lawyers from multiple jurisdictions.
Support of foreign judicial proceedings and execution of decisions of state courts and arbitrations:
  • recognition and enforcement of decisions of foreign state courts and arbitral awards in Russia;
  • execution of decisions of Russian state and arbitration courts abroad;
  • support of judicial proceedings in foreign courts in cooperation with leading foreign law firms.
Investigation and search of assets:
  • checking contractors;
  • corporate legal intelligence (definition of the structure of business ownership, beneficiaries, relationships between different persons, analysis of mass media and other relations);
  • search for assets in Russia and foreign jurisdictions;
  • investigations within the organization.

Legal support in the field of real estate and construction of real estate – a special layer of civil law relations, requiring careful study of the entire process of transition of the right to real estate. The decision to invest in real estate is a serious investment step that requires a deep preliminary study and careful monitoring of compliance with the law when making a transaction.

DSL-Service will help you to make a deal with any real estate, minimizing the risks of financial costs. Experience in support of various legal nature of transactions with real estate ensures compliance with the best options for the acquisition and financing of the object.

Among the services in legal support of real estate transactions, which our company provides:
  • legal examination of documents of title to the property (including on the property complex), verification of the authority of the second party to enter into a transaction for the disposal of real estate;
  • identification of potential risks associated with the conclusion of the contract;preparation of a full set of documents necessary for the transaction and the transfer of rights to real estate;
  • selection of the best option for the acquisition and financing of the property of interest;
  • preparation of contracts of sale, lease, construction contract, etc.;
  • legalization of constructed and erected “problem” real estate;
  • comprehensive legal analysis of investment contracts, risk assessment in the implementation and completion of the project, assistance in the selection of tax schemes and the use of benefits provided for investors by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • legal assistance in the conclusion of contracts for the management and operation of real estate, including the lease of space, determining ways to minimize tax and financial risks for tenants and landlords.
Also, DSL-Service lawyers will provide you with expert assistance in support of disputes related to:
  • recognition or contestation of property rights to real estate, including land;establishment of ownership of real estate, including the fact of prescription;removal of obstacles in the possession and disposal of real estate;
  • invalidation or non-concluded real estate transactions, termination of previously concluded contracts and reclamation of real estate from illegal possession;
  • other services (on request).

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