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Preparation of tax report

Heads of companies of any legal form and all business owners consider the absence of claims from the fiscal authorities to be a prerequisite for the successful functioning of the enterprise. The key to this can only be the timely submission of tax reports, since this aspect is emphasized by all tax inspectors during inspections.

At the time of tax reporting, tax registers are formed, the tax base for all types of taxes is calculated, the amount of current tax payments is determined. Ultimately, the amount of tax payments depends on competent reporting, which directly affects the final profitability of the company.

In the practice of DSL-Service, analyzing the “work” of full-time bookkeepers to the client, faced with situations where financial and tax accounting, not “friends” with each other, each of them being separately and live their lives.

The experience and competence of our employees allow them to successfully resolve complex and controversial cases.

The list of services for the preparation of reports to the tax office includes a thorough check of documentation, since our experts are responsible for the preparation of the package up to the protection of their decisions in court or compensation of accrued fines and penalties.

What does DSL-Service

We know well that it is going to look on and what data to compare, therefore, consciously and with understanding of the possible risks are tax records and generated reports.

To avoid unnecessary questions about reporting discrepancies, our specialists keep accounting according to the tax rules.

Our experts analyze and maintain hundreds of control ratios in the forms of accounting and tax reporting, which is based on the IFNS, deciding on a more thorough audit of the taxpayer.

In the area of tax accounting are the main risks for the client, so tax accounting and reporting, we give priority.

The price of the service price for tax reporting is determined individually on the basis of the applied hourly rates of specialists and working hours, necessary for the quality of services.

Assessment of the preliminary cost of tax reporting can be carried out on the basis of general information about the specifics of the task on the basis of which we will send you after applying.

The first consultation and drawing up an approximate work plan we provide free of charge.

To learn about the pricing policy of the company «DSL-Service»

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