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Proactive audit

Proactive audit is an audit conducted on the initiative of the company, the head of the organization or an individual entrepreneur, and not because of the mandatory requirements of the law. Initiative audit is an audit of a variety of activities of the company, conducted in order to identify deficiencies in the conduct of tax and accounting.

In contrast to the mandatory audit, the voluntary audit is not of an urgent nature, and in addition to the financial statements may include an assessment of the current activities of the company. Initiative audit can be partial or complex. In addition, the depth of verification may be different, it all depends on the wishes of the client. Often, initiative audit is carried out, for example, in connection with attracting funds from sponsors or partners. Creditors want to know what the financial statements of the organization they are interested in are.

When carrying out a voluntary audit identified significant deficiencies in accounting and financial reporting, a detailed analysis of the financial condition of the company and develop useful recommendations to ensure its effective operation.

Proactive audit reveals:the correctness of accounting;documentation;possible tax risks;control problems within the organization.

The need for an initiative audit is due to such reasons as:

  • change or dismissal of the General Director;
  • change of ownership as a result of the sale;
  • change or dismissal of the chief accountant;
  • reorganization or company;
  • requests of the owners of the enterprise or its investors for verification activities;
  • changes in tax legislation related to the optimization of taxation;
  • establishment of accounting in the event of new requirements from the current legislation;
  • future planned tax audit to reduce the likelihood of administrative sanctions.

We offer a proactive audit and a set of unique techniques that will allow to conduct a comprehensive and most objective survey of the organization, identify problem areas and develop an individual set of optimization solutions.

The order of carrying out of initiative audit is virtually indistinguishable from the statutory audit. Based on the results of the initiative audit, an audit report and additional information containing a full description of all the shortcomings identified during the audit, as well as recommendations for their elimination, are provided.

DSL-Service carries out an initiative audit, using years of experience and current business technologies, individual approach to the client, the ability to predict the future, the ability to offer effective solutions.

The result of the initiative audit is the conclusion (report) of the auditor with recommendations and answers to the questions posed by the initiator of the services.

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