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Preparation of financial statements

Any legal entity and individual entrepreneur is required to maintain and submit financial statements within the statutory deadlines.

Many companies and entrepreneurs who have recently come into business do not know that it is necessary to keep records and submit financial statements of companies and entrepreneurs. There are also misconceptions about the fact that if a company has no activity, then the financial statements should not be submitted.

Accounting statement — this information about the property and financial position of the organization and the final results of its economic activity in a certain period.

The price of financial statements is determined individually on the basis of the applied hourly rates of specialists and the working time necessary for the quality of services.

Assessment of the preliminary cost of financial statements can be carried out on the basis of General information about the specifics of the task on the basis of which we will send You after the application.

The first consultation and drawing up of the approximate work plan we provide free of charge.

To learn about the pricing policy of the company «DSL-Service»

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