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Tax law — is the area in which you need in-depth knowledge, possession of information about the constant changes and amendments to the legislation. Tax advice for legal entities allows you to find out questions relating to any specialization, taking into account all the subtleties and nuances.

Help of DSL Service — this is an easy way to avoid problems with the tax authorities and protect your business from unexpected fines or more serious sanctions.

Tax advice will help the company’s management to reduce the costs of finding and maintaining a staff of experienced employees with high wages, as well as the costs of continuous training in connection with the release of the next changes in the legislation.

We conduct tax consultations with the solution of such issues as:

  • assistance in the organization of tax accounting, reporting requirements;
  • choice of the tax system;the possibility of reducing the tax burden on the company through various incentives, deductions;
  • assist in the development of the action plan during upcoming inspections;
  • advising on tax legislation;
  • appealing against the decisions of tax officials and their actions.

For our clients, we offer complete business management solutions while maintaining maximum profitability in accordance with applicable law.

Such services will help to avoid unnecessary attention from the tax authorities, well prepared for on-site inspections, correctly distribute the burden on the budget of the company and most importantly — to choose a legal scheme of payment of taxes with minimal costs.

With our help, you will get a reputation of a diligent taxpayer, will be able to prepare for on-site tax inspections, choose a legal scheme for paying taxes with minimal costs.

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Declaration of CFC and foreign accounts

Any state is interested in tax payments from its residents to the budget. In this regard, the tax authorities of the states should receive all the necessary information about their residents for the purpose of full and correct administration of taxes. The legislation on cont...

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International tax planning

For companies with international business tax planning is one of the first priorities. Effective international tax planning requires highly qualified specialists, in-depth and detailed analysis of the risks arising both in Russia and abroad, as knowledge and experience are n...

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Protection during tax inspections

Each entity carrying out economic activity is obliged to comply with the tax legislation. Cases of violations immediately become a reason for on-site inspection by representatives of the fiscal authorities, which, unfortunately, ends for the taxpayer about the same: addition...

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