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Protection during tax inspections

Each entity carrying out economic activity is obliged to comply with the tax legislation.

Cases of violations immediately become a reason for on-site inspection by representatives of the fiscal authorities, which, unfortunately, ends for the taxpayer about the same: additional taxes and fees, penalties and fines. In particularly difficult situations, it is even possible to seize assets and property of the company.

When carrying out inspections, the taxpayer is often faced with the arbitrariness of inspections:

  • the request of documents previously submitted to the inspection, or not allowed during desk inspections;
  • reducing the time for the provision of requested documents;
  • violation of the requirements of the legislation on the recovery of documents, that makes it possible not to provide them with documents at all;
  • violations of regulatory authorities during the interrogation of witnesses.
Our experts have extensive experience in supporting tax audits in Moscow and in the regions at various stages of their implementation, and know all the peculiarities of tax inspections, requirements of inspectors and legislation.

We know the peculiarities of inspections by different tax authorities and we will find the best solution, we will develop an effective strategy and guarantee your security.

The complex of this service includes the following:
  • management of evidence collection;
  • development of a client protection strategy;
  • development of instructions for employees of the audited company to interact with the inspection bodies;
  • development of objections and appeals to appeal the results of the audit, challenging the decisions of the inspection bodies in court;
  • participation in the process of an experienced legal consultant will minimize penalties and financial losses;
  • other services (on request).
Related services:
  • express audit;
  • elimination of discrepancies in the reporting documentation;
  • restoration of primary documentation.

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