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Finance and currency control

No businessman or real company in the modern world can do without a bank account.

Some, despite the small interest on deposits, often prefer to keep money in foreign banks because of their security and customer focus. Others accumulate assets in accounts for the convenience of the company’s settlements with its business partners.

The bank account is still an indispensable tool in international business.

But if previously banks fought for their client, offering the best conditions and clients chose the Bank from a variety of options, now banks carefully select the “clean” client, checking the business reputation of the beneficiary and the legality of the origin of funds, which indicates a changed world.

For an individual to open an account it can be a challenge today. Especially abroad, when you need to remember about the peculiarities of currency regulation and restrictions on currency transactions.

Our experts will help You to choose a Bank that will fully meet the needs of Your business, as well as help to collect and prepare all the necessary documents, as well as give advice on the circulation of funds and securities in accounts in foreign banks.

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Currency regulation and control

Information about accounts (deposits) in banks outside Russia is presented by the account holder (deposit) to the tax inspectorate at the place of its registration personally, by mail, through a representative or via the Internet within a specified time. According to the gen...

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Opening an account abroad

Opening a bank account is an important moment in the activities of any company. This procedure includes a number of factors: first of all, risk analysis, selection of the required account depending on the activities of an individual or enterprise, communication management. I...

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