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Employment law

Both employers and aemploees raise legal issues quite regular. In case of non-compliance with state requirements there is a conflict of interest, which resolves the Labor code of the Russian Federation.

Payment of “gray” wages, dismissal on “bad” article, delays in compensation — this is only a small part of the problems of this industry. A competent labor lawyer is able to solve these difficulties.

After all, only he can know the nuances of this field of law, which will help to solve the problems as correctly as possible.It is important to build the right relationship initially employee – employer. In order to protect the company’s business interests and comply with the requirements of the law, along with the procedure of hiring personnel and conclusion of employment contracts, close attention should be paid to the development of local regulations of the company, as well as issues of labor protection and localization of global policies in the Russian division.

DSL-Service services in labor law include:
  • comprehensive verification of documents for compliance with labor and migration law structuring of labor relations (including with foreign citizens) and execution of local regulations, regulating labour issues in the organization:
  • preparation of employment agreements, including top managers company
  • complex analysis of labor relations in organisation
  • policy local normative acts, amendments to them,
  • analysis of risks and compliance with legislation agreements about material responsibility robotics connection on the issues of awarding of the personnel and payment tradesolution in matters of employment and dismissal rabotnikami the interests of employers in hiring or dismissal by employers procedures reduce personalloansonline on attracting foreign labor force, including highly qualified specialists resolution of labor disputes:
  • Support of labor disputes in court and pre-trial settlement of labor conflicts support of conflict dismissals, including top managers development of strategies to protect the interests of the employer, analysis of the ability to file a claim against top managers (former top managers) companiesconsolidate on the issues of building a line of defense employer when discussing controversial issues with suboticakanjizabanja on compliance with legislation on personal data:
  • Preparation of an internal regulation of the company
  • governing the protection of personal data roboticsupdate projects consents of employees to the processing of their personal dennyhamlin
  • compliance by the employer of the legislation on personal data,
  • identification of risks and development of practical recommendations consultation on the localization of databases containing personal data.

Other services: dispute resolution

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