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Tax audit

Compliance with tax legislation in the preparation of reports – the responsibility of each accountant. And although the responsibility for the correct filling of documents lies with the chief accountant, possible sanctions for violations will be imposed on the company itself. So it is in the interests of the company’s management to always have a complete picture of the state of tax reporting. Professional comprehensive tax audit and reporting expertise will help in this.

Tax audit checks:

  • the correctness of filling in the primary documents;
  • the correctness of the formation of the tax base for the calculation of taxes;correctness of calculation and payment of tax fees;
  • validity of application of tax benefits and deductions;
  • correctness of preparation of tax returns, both already submitted and being prepared for sending to the Federal tax service;
  • tax reserves;application of optimization methods by the organization, their relevance and compliance with legislation and court practice;
  • tax risks (tax audit) and assessment of their impact on the company’s results.

There may be several reasons for conducting a tax audit:

  • the desire to check the quality of reporting documentation;
  • waiting for an on-site audit by the tax authorities;
  • reorganization of the enterprise or change of activity;
  • change of management or chief accountant;the desire to optimize taxation.

Tax audit:

  • it is recommended to carry out regularly especially at large enterprises with large tax audit can be carried out for the reporting year (classical approach) or for the short-term period (month, quarter, etc.);
  • complex check of all company or check on the special task of the Customer is possible, for example, the verification of specific transactions.

The team of professionals of DSL-Service will help your business to avoid excessive attention from regulatory authorities and will offer the optimum scheme of tax optimization within the current legislation.

The result of the tax audit is the conclusion (report) of the auditor/tax consultant with recommendations and answers to the questions posed by the initiator of the services.

The price of the service price for tax audit is determined individually on the basis of the applied hourly rates of specialists and working hours, necessary for the quality of services.

Assessment of the preliminary cost of the tax audit can be carried out on the basis of general information about the specifics of the task on the basis of which we will send you after the application, prepare a form to assess the price of the service (the audited period (from one to three years), the type of activity and the amount of money turnover for the period for which the audit is conducted).

The first consultation and preparation of an approximate work plan we provide.

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