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Restoration of accounting

If accounting in your company previous accountants were with errors or did not lead at all, you will need to restore accounting.

Today, the restoration of accounting for the past reporting periods is the most popular accounting service. Our specialists have extensive experience in the restoration of accounting. We will promptly fill all the gaps in the accounting and tax accounting of your organization!

Depending on the goals of recovery, you need to be well guided and be able to prioritize: what to do in the first place, what the second, and what not to do at all, because it does not carry any risks to your company.

Any restoration of accounting for LLC – whether accounting for a year or for a period of several years – begins with an express audit. It allows you to verify whether your company really needs to restore accounting and tax accounting. The price of recovery becomes known at this stage.

When planning a project to restore accounting or tax accounting, we first of all study the situation, because of which You have decided to restore accounting.

Depending on the objectives of the recovery (preparation for the upcoming tax audit, lending to the bank and the creation of financial attractiveness, the creation of transparent financial statements for the investor, the liquidation of a legal entity, the upcoming audit or simply restore order in the reporting), we set priorities among such tasks as:

  • check for tax risks;
  • check, preparation and adjustment of the most important documents for the tax;
  • changes in accounting, search for alternatives to correct the current situation;
  • putting in order those areas of accounting that fall into the area of attention of regulatory authorities, investors or auditors.

The cost of accounting support depends entirely on the specific scope of work. Calculation of the cost of accounting services for legal entities is always carried out after a thorough analysis of the state of Affairs. This takes into account the scope of the client’s company.

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