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Statutory audit

Statutory audit — this is an annual audit of the accounting and financial statements of the company in order to Express an opinion on its reliability in accordance with the legislation of a certain country.

Audit is regulated by the state and can be carried out only by audit organizations or individual auditors having the corresponding qualification certificate and being members of the self-regulating organizations of auditors.

The modern legal general procedure is carried out both to check the results of work, reduce the risks of taxes, exclude fines in the audit in due time, and to improve business efficiency.

In Russia companies are subject to annual statutory audit, if they:

  • have revenue from the sale of goods, works and services for the previous reporting year more than 400 million rubles or with the amount of assets of the balance sheet at the end of the previous reporting year more than 60 million rubles.
  • are organizers of gambling (item 12 of Art. 6 of the Law of 29.12.2006). №244-FZ “On state regulation of activities on the organization and conduct of gambling and on amendments to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation”),
  • are political parties (Federal law of 11.07.2001 № 95-FZ “On political parties”) are the structures of the Russian scientific fund (Federal law of 02.11.2013 № 291-FZ “On the Russian scientific fund and amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”);
  • are GUP and MUP, the owner of which established the obligation to conduct an annual audit (article 26 of the Federal law of 14.11.2002). No. 161-FZ “On state and municipal unitary enterprises”).
  • are other cases in accordance with the laws 208-FZ “On consolidated financial statements” and № 307-FZ “On auditing”.

The grounds for mandatory audit differ depending on the jurisdiction. We and our partners work with clients operating in the UK, Cyprus, Germany, USA, Hong Kong, UAE and other jurisdictions.

DSL-Service has a solid experience in audit for companies with different types of activities, level of complexity and unique features.

Order a statutory audit of the company in DSL-Service.

Our reliable experts carry out checks, during which it is possible to identify and eliminate all violations, detect threats and unrealized opportunities.

Also for our clients we offer solutions how to optimize the expenditure part of the company, to minimize tax risks.

In conjunction with the mandatory audit check usually still consists of:

  • consulting, from financial to management;
  • representation services in the tax and judicial authorities;
  • training and seminars for training of employees;reporting, maintenance and restoration of accounting;
  • automation of accounting and use of various information technologies;
  • a clear assessment of the property and its value;
  • risk assessment;
  • marketing research;
  • analysis of activities.

Our employees:

  • check the validity of economic and financial information in the reporting;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of economic activities;
  • make recommendations to address shortcomings;
  • help to avoid conflicts with the tax authorities.

The result of the statutory audit is the conclusion (report) of the auditor in a form that meets the requirements of the law to the organization.

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