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Foreign companies in Russia

A foreign company has the right to do business in the Russian Federation through accredited branches and representative offices or organizations established in accordance with Russian law.

What difficulties can a foreign company face in the Russian Federation?

In the course of doing business, foreign firms are faced with a lack of knowledge of Russian law and the specifics of paperwork. Such companies are at increased risk of using an unfavorable solution if a question arises. Foreign entrepreneurs are not familiar with sites that provide the necessary English-language information. Difficulties arise in the course of interaction with state bodies.

When doing business in the Russian Federation, foreign entrepreneurs in many matters require legal support and advice. For this we need specialists who know English, are able to assist in the preparation of English-language contracts and advise clients in English.

Legal support of foreign firms

We assist foreign companies in resolving legal issues when conducting business in the Russian Federation.

DSL-Service specialists help foreign companies:

  • pass accreditation of branches, representative offices;
  • close branches, representative offices in the Russian Federation or make changes to the constituent documents of organizations;
  • develop strategies for conducting business in the Russian Federation;
  • prepare documentation for empowering representatives of foreign organizations to represent corporate interests in the Russian Federation;
  • register property or rent real estate, located within the Russian territory;
  • conclude agreements with Russian counterparties;
  • implement investment projects you are in Russia;
  • interact with customs, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, state authorities;
  • translate documents in a foreign language, certify them with a notary, carry out apostilization;
  • represent the interests of a foreign company out of court and in court;
  • protect the economic interests of a foreign organization in court when considering civil cases and disputes on the protection of intellectual rights, etc.

For convenience of interaction, we offer the services of a lawyer who speaks English and advises on issues related to compliance with Russian law.

Our specialists are well acquainted with international law. We also understand the legislation of the country that is the place of origin of a foreign company.

When applying for services to DSL-Service, you will find a reliable partner in resolving legal issues related to doing business in the Russian Federation.

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