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Legal services

We offer legal services on almost any issues that may arise in business and investment activities. Thanks to the competence of our lawyers, DSL-Service has the ability to quickly and comprehensively consider any incoming question and give a definite answer.

Our main practices – these are:

  • creation and acquisition of businesses in Russia and abroad;
  • corporate law, mergers and acquisitions;
  • tax planning in Russia and abroad;
  • declaration of controlled foreign companies;
  • creation of foreign holdings, support of foreign companies;
  • family and inheritance law;
  • labor law;
  • judicial and arbitration practice;
  • real estate and construction transactions.

We constantly improve the level of our services and offer our clients balanced solutions. DSL-Service experts check all aspects of clients ‘ activities and help to overcome barriers in the regulatory environment, thereby increasing the value of the business, the security of owners and managers of companies and investor confidence.

Legal practice DSL-Service helps our clients to protect themselves, comply with the rules of doing business around the world, timely and effectively respond to environmental challenges in legal ways for the benefit of business.

Ordering services in DSL-Service, you get:

  • a team of specialists with extensive experience in solving problems, related to reporting;
  • continuous support and assistance on all issues of interest;
  • the possibility of a comprehensive study of business processes in the enterprise without distracting employees from their work.

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Tax law

Tax law — is the area in which you need in-depth knowledge, possession of information about the constant changes and amendments to the legislation. Tax advice for legal entities allows you to find out questions relating to any specialization, taking into account all the subt...

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Foreign companies in Russia

A foreign company has the right to do business in the Russian Federation through accredited branches and representative offices or organizations established in accordance with Russian law. What difficulties can a foreign company face in the Russian Federation? In the course...

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Corporate law

Corporate law practice is one of the key competences of DSL-Service. We will help you to organize your business, optimize the corporate structure, improve the manageability and security of the companies included in the contour of your business, to resolve corporate disputes....

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Dispute resolution, courts, arbitration

DSL-Service lawyers have considerable experience in representing clients in arbitration, Federal and arbitration courts, including in foreign jurisdictions (LCIA, HKCIA). To participate effectively in complex disputes, a team of legal experts in narrow areas of law and arbit...

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Employment law

Both employers and aemploees raise legal issues quite regular. In case of non-compliance with state requirements there is a conflict of interest, which resolves the Labor code of the Russian Federation. Payment of "gray" wages, dismissal on "bad" article, delays in compensat...

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Family law

Family law is a set of rules and regulations that govern the relationship between spouses, parents and children, as well as other persons designated by law as relatives. In family matters, legal and personal relationships are closely intertwined, and certain types of dispute...

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