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Corporate law

Corporate law practice is one of the key competences of DSL-Service. We will help you to organize your business, optimize the corporate structure, improve the manageability and security of the companies included in the contour of your business, to resolve corporate disputes.

The experienced lawyers of the DSL-Service in resolving the legal issues and the provision of services for international corporate law enables us to provide legal assistance in the following areas:

  • services for the creation, reorganization and liquidation of companies, including with foreign investments, in any jurisdiction, including CFC;
  • structuring and support of transactions on merge and absorption (M&A), including transactions with “problem” legal entities and companies with unprofitable assets;
  • corporate restructuring of groups of legal entities (holdings), work with non-core assets,  support of large business sections;
  • accreditation of branches and representative offices of foreign legal entities;
  • legal support of all corporate events (General meetings of participants/shareholders, boards of Directors, committees, Trustees and Advisory boards);
  • legal due diligence of legal entities, business or assets;
  • expertise obligations, corporate documents, investment projects, transactions;
  • corporate disputes between the participants and shareholders, negotiating;
  • shareholder agreements, agreements between the participants of the company;
  • support procedures to increase and decrease the authorized capital;
  • protection of the interests of creditors or debtors in liquidation and bankruptcy;
  • other services (on request).

If you have any questions about corporate law or the activities of your legal entity — please consult our specialists.

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Incorporation of company

Registration of a company is a complex legal procedure, the main task of which is to legitimize business activities. Judicial statistics show that errors in registering a company can have serious consequences. If the issue of registering a legal entity is not timely resolved...

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Registration of legal entities

The process of registration of a legal entity has many nuances associated with the preparation of necessary documents, an appeal to the relevant state bodies, banking institutions, etc. Without the help of a specialized lawyer, it is easy to miss important features of this p...

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Реорганизация юридического лица

In the life cycle of each company, circumstances arise that force the manager to change the business for the better. Sometimes purely cosmetic adjustments are sufficient. In some cases, the challenges of the time make global changes to the structure of the company itself. Re...

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Ликвидация фирм и юридических лиц

Ликвидация фирмы является законным способом официально прекратить работу компании без передачи ее прав и обязанностей третьим лицам. Полностью юридическое лицо считается ликвидированным только после исключения его из Единого государственного реестра. Несмотря на единый итог...

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Corporate disputes

The list of corporate disputes is contained in article 225.1 Arbitral Procedural Code of the Russian Federation. Disputed legal relations are connected with the document circulation of a legal entity or its separate bodies and are considered in arbitration courts. Corporate...

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Слияние и поглощение

Из-за экономической нестабильности предприятие может прийти к выводу о нецелесообразности дальнейшего бизнеса. Тогда фирма принимает решение прекратить деятельность вообще или продолжить в рамках другого корпоративного управления — то есть присоединиться к другой компании ил...

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