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Corporate disputes

The list of corporate disputes is contained in article 225.1 Arbitral Procedural Code of the Russian Federation. Disputed legal relations are connected with the document circulation of a legal entity or its separate bodies and are considered in arbitration courts.

Corporate disputes include:

  • issues related to the opening of companies, their reorganization and liquidation;
  • conflicts between founders;
  • disputes between shareholders regarding the determination of shares, distribution of shares, compensation for losses from invalid transactions, etc.;
  • disputes related to the activities of management;
  • other issues contained in article 225.1 Arbitral Procedural Codeof the Russian Federation.

The basis for judicial review of cases of corporate disputes is the documentation submitted by the parties. The participants in the proceedings are organizations, individual entrepreneurs, state bodies.


Due to the complex classification of disputes, errors can occur during their resolution. This leads to delayed proceedings or incorrect resolution. For example, jurisdiction rules may be violated when filing a lawsuit.

If a company seeks professional legal assistance, this will significantly reduce the risks of such negative consequences as:

  • loss of control over the organization;
  • loss-making of the company;
  • termination of the legal entity;
  • bringing the head or founders to subsidiary liability.

We provide legal support for the resolution of disputes arising within the organization. We also take measures to prevent the occurrence of corporate conflicts and restore the position of the company in which it was before the dispute.

One of the factors contributing to the adoption of a positive decision by the court is a correctly prepared statement and submitted documentation.

We offer:

  • preparation of documents for pre-trial settlement of the dispute;
  • the formation of evidence at the trial stage;
  • the request for documentation from authorized state bodies related to the determination of the illegality of the founders or the organization’s leadership;
  • calculation of losses that the client incurred as a result of illegal actions of the management or owners of the company;
  • analysis of transactions, contrary to the interests of the company.

The corporate dispute resolution process consists of several stages. First, a legal examination of the organization’s documentation is carried out, during which tax risks and negative financial consequences are identified. After the examination, the parties are invited to come to a compromise without resorting to legal proceedings.

If the parties do not reach an agreement out of court, then the case goes to court. For this, procedural documentation is being prepared. Then the court makes a decision on the case. This decision may be appealed against within the time limit established by law.

We provide services for the resolution of corporate disputes at each stage – from the preparation and analysis of documents to enforcement proceedings.

After resolving a dispute, you can consult DSL-Service lawyers for free regarding your matter.

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