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Financial statements audit

Audit procedures not only ensure compliance with applicable reporting standards, but also identify areas for improvement in internal management and draw useful conclusions that will help overcome many current and future challenges that add value to the organization. We analyze the existing risks, the existing system of control of these risks, as well as the transparency of your organization’s reporting to stakeholders.

DSL-Service invests in advanced technologies, significant improvement of processes, development of management skills and improving the efficiency of its employees.

With the help of its partners DSL-Service conducts accounting audits both according to Russian accounting standards (RAS) and international financial reporting standards (IFRS) for enterprises, having close ties with foreign partners or investors.

The basic principle of work of our auditors at work with any standards – the prevalence of economic content over the documentary form.

We strive to ensure that the experts performing the work are highly qualified, as their decisions largely depend on the objectivity and correctness of the conclusions.

The accounting audit may include:

  • complete, review or random checks of the company’s operations;
  • verification of the correctness of the transfer and transformation of data from the domestic accounting system into international schemes;analysis of transactions, assets and liabilities;
  • definition and modification of the company’s accounting policies and standards;
  • preparation and preparation of individual, the combined and consolidated forms of financial statements under IFRS;
  • audit of consolidated financial statements, correctness of execution, compliance with international standards;
  • recommendations on the conduct of the activities of the company, risk assessment, outsourcing and so on.

DSL-Service helps clients in the following issues:

  • compliance with the requirements of regulations in the Russian Federation and foreign jurisdictions;
  • tracking changes in accounting requirements and requirements of regulations;
  • confirmation of the correctness of the reflection of complex transactions in accounting;
  • independent analysis of information, reporting to external parties;preparation of reports in cases of mandatory or voluntary audit in accordance with RAS and IFRS;
  • audit opinion.

The result of the audit of the financial statements is the conclusion (report) of the auditor.

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