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Реорганизация юридического лица

In the life cycle of each company, circumstances arise that force the manager to change the business for the better. Sometimes purely cosmetic adjustments are sufficient. In some cases, the challenges of the time make global changes to the structure of the company itself.

Reorganization of a legal entity is a complex legal procedure. Briefly, this process can be described as a way to terminate the work of an existing organization, while its rights and obligations in one form or another transfer to another company. As a rule, this process is used to scale the business, increase its competitiveness, as well as within the framework of the anti-crisis plan.

Depending on the goals set, the reorganization can take the form of:

  • mergers;
  • affiliations;
  • separation;
  • spin-off;
  • transformation.

It should be understood that such a complex procedure may go beyond the competence of a corporate lawyer or managing manager, and any legal errors or inaccuracies may be perceived by regulatory authorities as an attempt to introduce unfair changes. In this case, it is possible to apply the sanctions provided by law, in particular, invalidating the reorganization.

In order for all corporate changes to be successfully implemented within the legal framework, contact DSL-Service for advice. Employees of the company are business lawyers who can solve complex legal cases.

What tasks does a lawyer solve in the framework of business reorganization?

Each business reorganization procedure is unique, although it consists of a sequence determined by law, namely:

  1. Deciding on the reorganization of a legal entity by the founders.
  2. Notification of planned changes to the tax service office, creditors and debtors, employees and the public.
  3. Conducting a final inventory at the enterprise to be reorganized.
  4. Act.
  5. Preparation of a package of documents, the appointment of new management bodies of the enterprise.

In addition to the above activities, it is necessary to consider many third-party factors. For example, the company’s management is obliged to notify the employment authorities when the employees are laid off, as well as arrange the correct settlement with creditors according to the procedure approved in the preliminary balance sheet.

When reorganizing a legal entity, it is necessary not only to competently carry out a considerable complex of legal actions, but also to achieve success in negotiations with partners , creditors and regulatory authorities and at the same time continuously carry out confident management of business processes.

Do not waste precious time on legal formalities and fully focus on the changes in your business! The lawyers of DSL-Service guarantee that all stages of the reorganization will be completed on time without any violations.

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