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Registration of legal entities

The process of registration of a legal entity has many nuances associated with the preparation of necessary documents, an appeal to the relevant state bodies, banking institutions, etc. Without the help of a specialized lawyer, it is easy to miss important features of this procedure. In addition, the documents and application form are constantly changing, and it is difficult for a businessman to track all changes on time. At the same time, the slightest errors in the required documentation lead to the refusal to register a legal entity.

DSL-Service has been providing legal services for businesses for more than 10 years. The company offers its customers registration services for legal entities not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad.

Commercial or non-profit organization?

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation provides for two types of legal entities:

  • commercial organizations;
  • non-commercial organizations.

If the main goal is to make a profit, then a commercial organization should be registered. Next, you need to determine the form of the legal entity. According to the Civil Code, you can organize:

  • limited liability company;
  • joint-stock company;
  • business partnership (full partnership, limited partnership);
  • peasant (farm) economy;
  • economic partnership;
  • production cooperative.

Registration of any of the above forms of commercial organization has its own specifics.

In particular, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of registration of the constituent documents of the company, the peculiarities of the formation of the company’s bodies, as well as the procedure for the formation of representative offices and branches of the enterprise.

Many of our clients choose LLC (limited liability company) as a form of business organization. The general procedure for registration of this legal entity consists of the following steps:

  1. Preparation of the necessary package of documents.
  2. Applying to the Federal Tax Service.
  3. Obtaining a certificate of registration of a legal entity.
  4. Making a seal of the organization and obtaining a bank account.

It is also necessary to solve issues related to:

  • determining the activity according to the OKVED handbook;
  • choosing a suitable tax system and accounting services;
  • finding a suitable address for registering a company, etc.

DSL-Service is ready to take on all these and many other tasks, giving you the opportunity to directly engage in business.

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