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Entrepreneurial activity is not without excesses – disruption of the delivery time, bad debts, anti-advertising, bankruptcy, etc. Attempts to resolve such problems on their own, as a rule, only exacerbate them. In such cases, it is important to contact an arbitration lawyer as soon as possible. The participation of a professional ensures that the conflict is resolved in favor of the entrepreneur.

DSL-Service unites qualified lawyers who have been involved in resolving arbitration disputes for several years. The complexity of the conflict does not matter to us. After resolving the issue, you will be able to receive detailed advice on it completely free of charge.

When do I need the help of professionals?

The services of attorneys for arbitration disputes are resorted to in various situations. So, the reason for contacting a professional may be:

  • non-fulfillment of contractual terms and obligations;
  • unilateral termination of the contract, amendment of its terms;
  • collection of fines, penalties, fines, receivables;
  • misappropriation, embezzlement or seizure of other people’s property;
  • disagreement regarding the recognition of ownership of real estate;
  • disagreement between the participants or founders of the enterprise;
  • disagreement with the actions of regulatory authorities; bankruptcy (insolvency);
  • damage to business reputation, etc.

How do arbitration lawyers work?

Each specific situation is unique in its own way. The algorithm of actions depends on the business entrusted to us. It does not go against the legislation of the Russian Federation in any way.

The general scheme of work has the following form:

  1. Familiarity with the situation and counseling. We study the problem, answer the questions posed and form a legal position. After the first meeting, the client knows how to behave in this situation.
  2. Collecting and structuring information. The client gives us all the materials on the case. Necessary requests are also made for more information. All collected information is structured and key documents are highlighted.
  3. Pre-trial settlement. We file complaints and negotiate. If the counterparty makes contact, time and financial costs are reduced.
  4. Development of a strategy and preparation of a statement of claim. We proceed to this stage if the dispute could not be settled in pre-trial procedure.
  5. Representation in an arbitration court. We participate in each meeting and strictly follow the previously developed plan.

Our arbitration lawyers will help not only to win the case, but also to recover legal costs.

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